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Floating Solar UK is a subsidiary of Ciel et Terre International and supply the hydrelio system in the UK.

A new, reliable and cost-effective solution to turn bodies of water into solar power plants while conserving land and water.

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Complete, Ready-to-use FPV solutions

At Floating Solar UK, we know that renewable energy is absolutely essential for a sustainable world. That’s why our floatovoltaic systems are specifically designed for maximum acceptability and desirability.

Ciel & Terre has worked with local partners all over the world. Above all, they think outside the box to develop a variety of bold solutions.

850 MWp
290+ Projects
1.6 GWp
30+ Projects
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Projects in over 30 countries

Ciel et Terre's Results

Tonnes of CO2 avoided
In our pipeline
Photovoltaic projects installed.

We know how to make world better

Produce clean energy, on the world scale

The FPV market grew to 2 GW of globally installed capacity in 2020. DNV foresees a total of 7 to 11 GW to be installed by 2025 with a major increase from 2023 onwards.

Preserve land

Floating solar tackles land use conflicts related to agricultural lands, industrial areas as well as land required for housing as the world population keeps on growing.

Bring adapted solutions to various types of ponds

Floating solar is compatible with ponds with ongoing economic activities. In a long run, it can also rehabilitate disused areas while generating profit.

Floating Solar UK in action

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We can provide you with the benefit of our in-depth technical expertise, a smart mix of R&D, and hands-on experience, to manage and build floating PV projects that are viable and profitable for you.
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