Floating Solar UK is a subsidiary of Ciel et Terre International. Sheeplands farm is the first site in the UK to Install Hydrelio floating Solar PV in 2014.

A new, reliable and cost-effective solution to turn bodies of water into solar power plants while conserving land and water allowing the farm to utilise their new 60 million litre irrigation reservoir by generating free, green energy on-site to power the reservoir’s pump.Get in touch now to see how we can turn your disused water into an automated income.


What we do

From site selection, to system operation and maintenance, Floating Solar UK can handle the whole installation process of your solar power plant.

  • Operation reporting
    Monitoring & Supervision
    Preventive & corrective maintenance management
    Claiming & warranty
    Stock management & procurement

    Operations and Maintenance
  • Lease agreement
    Financing & Due diligence services

  • System designing
    Procurement & Purchasing
    Project Management

    EPC Services
  • Prospecting & Developing
    Engineering studies
    Permitting & Licensing
    Power Purchase Agreement
    Financial advice and Due Diligence services

    Project Development


  • Sheeplands Farm - 200KWp
  • Yasugi - 1 098 KWp
  • Maeno-ike - 848 KWp
  • Kawagoe - 696 KWp
  • Okegawa - 1 180 KWp
  • Piolenc - 16 KWp
  • Ochang Dam - 500 KWp
  • Bontout - 2 537 KWp
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