Who are Floating Solar UK?

Floating Solar UK is a subsidiary of Ciel et Terre International. Sheeplands farm is the first site in the UK to Install Hydrelio floating Solar PV in 2014

A new, reliable and cost-effective solution to turn bodies of water into solar power plants while conserving land and water allowing the farm to utilise their new 60 million litre irrigation reservoir by generating free, green energy on-site to power the reservoir’s pump.

The installation of solar on water enables Sheeplands Farm to increase their energy independence without using up valuable land space and helps land owners maximise and unlock the potential of unused bodies of water. Hydrelio installations also benefit from the government’s Feed-in Tariff.

This 200kW installation is comprised of 800 market-leading Trina panels. The panels are assembled on land and then carefully lowered into the water by award-winning installers The Greener Group. Hydrelio systems perform more efficiently than a similarly sized land-based system due to the cooling effects of the water on the panels and help reduce evaporation by shielding the water from the sun.

Partnership with Ciel & Terre

The HYDRELIO Floating Solar PV system was developed by French Company Ciel & Terre who have been involved in the technology since 2006

Floating Solar Panel UK Ltd is the first official and agreed distributor of the HYDRELIO technology in the UK and is committed to help promote the use of renewable energy sources that have a much lower environmental impact than that of conventional energy technologies

Floating Solar Panels UK and Ciel & Terre have a new and exciting partnership and are working together to expand the business in the UK market. Ciel & Terre already have a worldwide presence in Japan, South Africa, US, Israel, Thailand and India.