Hydrelio© Benefits


Conserve valuable land and turn unused and non-revenue generating bodies of water into profitable solar power plants.

Floating solar panels protect ecologically-sensitive areas and conserve precious land for farming, mining, tourism and other land-intensives activities. Land-use conflicts are avoided and the environmental impact is minimized.

Increase power production and improve return on investment

PV Panels and marine cables installed on water stay cooler, generate more electricity and have a higher ROI than rooftop or ground-mount systems of the same size.

Minimize water evaporation, conserve water

By lowering the water temperature and reducing the size of the water area exposed to air, floating solar panels can reduce water evaporation by up to 33% on natural lakes and ponds, and by up to 50% on man-made facilities.

Improve water quality and cut maintenance costs

By shading the water, our floating solar panel help reduce algae growth. Ciel et Terre’s floating solar system can also be outfitted with solar-powered aerators/circulators that oxygenate the water and reduce organic pollution naturally. Our solutions minimize the need for harsh chemicals and reduce maintenance costs.

Preserve existing ecosystems

No excavation work or concrete foundations are necessary to install our floating solar platforms. Indeed, Ciel et Terre’s floating solar systems are 100% recyclable and are easy to dismantle. Made of HDPE plastic, they can safely be installed on drinking water reservoirs.