Relais Vert – 694 KWp

Relais Vert – 694 KWp


Relais Vert – Carpentras – France (84)

The 694 KWp solar pv system installed on the roofs of Relais Vert’s warehouses has a surface area of 1.4 acres and is composed of 3,018 polycrystalline panels. The system uses Ciel et Terre’s innovative mounting system, Arch’Helios.

Customer testimonial: Mr Jean-Louis Ginart, Founder and General Manager – Relais Vert
“Relais Vert has been distributing organic products for more than 30 years.  We wanted our new warehouse to be carbon-negative. Thanks to Ciel et Terre’s innovative solution, our new building’s annual electricity output is 840,000 kwh/year while its electricity consumption is only 250,000 kwh/year”

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